The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived


Product Description

In this short, powerful book, multi-millionaire and best-selling author Steven K. Scott reveals King Solomon’s breakthrough strategies to achieve a life of financial success and personal fulfillment.

Solomon may be remembered as the wisest man, but wisdom wasn’t his only wealth: His gold reserves alone would be worth nearly a trillion dollars in today’s dollars. This makes Proverbs the first go-to self-help book by a rich celebrity, as Steve Scott learned firsthand.

Unable to succeed at anything, Scott flunked out of every job he took for six years after college. Then his best friend challenged him to study a chapter of Proverbs a day, promising that doing so would give him greater success and happiness than he had ever known. The promise came true, making Scott a millionaire many times over.

Now, Scott offers you the same invaluable lesson, minus those first six years.

This life-changing book reveals Solomon’s hidden treasures, the often-overlooked wisdom for achieving breakthrough success in work, health, marriage, and relationship with God. Included are:

  • How to master life’s most important skill.
  • How to achieve extraordinary success in business, finance, and marriage.
  • How to resolve any conflict and be better for it.
  • How to overcome the most destructive force in relationships.
  • How to prevent the single greatest cause of financial loss.
102 The Richest Man Who Ever Lived- $14.99

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Praise for The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

“Truly amazing! Solomon gives us the master keys to success, wealth, and happiness. In this book, Steve Scott puts those keys in our hands, and shows us how to use them. Whether you’re just getting started in business, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, I believe these breakthrough strategies could propel you to levels of success and happiness you haven’t yet imagined. No wonder the wisest man who ever lived, also became the richest!” —David Neeleman, founder and CEO of Jet Blue


“The insights, advice, solutions, and specific steps provided in this book are truly life changing. Whether they are applied to your job, career, marriage, or parenting, it’s quickly obvious that they have the power to change everything!” —Joan Lunden, former host of Good Morning America


“This book is the result of an astonishing idea developed by Steven Scott from interpreting the Book of Proverbs, in which he says (and demonstrates) that there are solutions to every problem in life…. The Richest Man Who Ever Lived bears out his contention.” —Hugh Downs, ABC News 20/20


“This is an exciting book. It will change your life to one of excellence and success. Though I, too, read a Proverbs chapter a day, I have never seen it all mapped out so clearly and practically. This will help so many–including me!” –Ruth Graham, author of A Legacy of Love and A Legacy of Faith


“Phenomenal! Steve Scott has ‘cracked’ the Solomon Code. He takes the inspired wisdom of Solomon and transforms it into simple yet powerful steps we can take to solve any problem and achieve true fulfillment and extraordinary success, at home and at work. Most important, he shows how anyone can partner with the ultimate mentor. This book will turn a purpose-driven life into a purpose-accomplished life!”–Chuck Norris, movie and television star


“Steven Scott knows God and he knows business. His new book, based upon the secrets of King Solomon’s success, is dynamite! It will blow the dust off your heart and mind and stir you to action. The Richest Man Who Ever Lived is one of the best books I have ever read. Don’t miss it.”–Dr. Jerry Falwell, founder and chancellor of Liberty University


“I’ve always loved the Proverbs, and Steve Scott converts Solomon’s principles into specific, life-changing steps of action that anyone can take.”–Dr. David Jeremiah Sr., pastor, author of Sanctuary and Escape the Coming Night


“Steve Scott’s uncanny discernment enables us to understand Solomon’s wisdom in a way that few of us ever have. More importantly, he shows us how to apply its life-transforming power to every important area of our lives–our marriages, our parenting, our jobs, and our faith.”–Michael Landon, Jr., writer, director, producer


“For over thirty years Steven Scott has been ‘hanging out’ with the richest man who ever lived. In this book, you will get to hang out with Steven. It will enrich your life.” –Gary D. Chapman, PhD, best-selling author of The Five Love Languages and The Four Seasons of Marriage