The Greatest Words Ever Spoken – Hardcover


Product Description

If we hear about Jesus Christ often enough, it can be easy to stop listening to him. In The Greatest Words Ever Spoken, Steven K. Scott puts everything Jesus spoke in the New Testament into more than 200 easy-to-find categories. This unique book is ready to help you discover how relevant the words of Jesus truly are in every moment of your life.

Ever wanted to ask Jesus about a specific area of your life? Now it’s easy to get His answer! Whether you seek Jesus’ encouragement or wisdom, or his advice on forgiveness, prayer and temptation, it’s here. When you face the biggest problems of your life, you need look no farther than the words of the Christ.

This easy-to-use book takes every recorded word of Jesus right at your fingertips. Topics include:

  • What Jesus said about succeeding in personal relationships.
  • What Jesus said about eternity.
  • What Jesus said about how to know God.
  • What Jesus said about himself.
  • What Jesus said about his Father in heaven.
  • What Jesus said about the Holy Spirit.
  • What Jesus said about his believers.
  • What Jesus said about humanity.
  • What Jesus said about God’s tireless efforts to save us all.

The Greatest Words Ever Spoken is available in hard cover or thin-line editions.

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Praise for The Greatest Words Ever Spoken

“Incredible! Steve enables us to quickly find everything Jesus said about each important question, issue, and problem we’ll ever face. What a gift to all of us who want to get to know the Savior better. And I can’t think of a better way for skeptics to discover who Jesus really is and what He is all about. ” —Chuck Norris, actor, author of “Black Belt Patriotism; How to Reawaken America.”