Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams – Workbook


Product Description

You’ve been taught by teachers, now you can be MENTORED by a MILLIONAIRE!
When it comes to succeeding, there’s an infinite difference between being taught theories in school, and being mentored in specific skills and strategies by someone who has made tens of millions of dollars himself. Steve Scott was a corporate failure until he was mentored by a millionaire. Using the strategies he learned from his mentor, Steve became a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who along with his partners built more than a dozen companies from scratch, achieving billions of dollars in sales. Now, step-by-step, he mentors readers in each of the master strategies that have enabled him and countless others to achieve their impossible dreams.

The 15 Power Secrets of the Worlds Most Successful People
This loose-leaf notebook includes 140 pre-printed pages for completing all of the interactive exercises for mastering the strategies and techniques that are taught in the audio series for Mentored by A Millionaire and Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams. It is divided into 15 sections that correspond to the 15 master strategies that are taught in both the series and in Steve’s book, Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams.

102 Mentored by a Millionaire/Simple Steps Workbook- $29.95