Case Histories

Gary Smalley – An Assistant Minister in Waco Texas


Gary Smalley had a dream to write a book teaching couples how to have better marriages. For 10 years he prayed for the chance to see this dream fulfilled. Steve and Gary got together in 1978 and created a strategy to fulfill this simple dream. Gary has since written 15 consecutive best sellers, helping millions of couples to achieve happier relationships. His organization, “The Smalley Relationship Center,” has also impacted millions of marriages. His videotapes alone have sold over 6 million copies, making them the best-selling self-help tapes in history.

A Makeup Artist in Los Angeles

Victoria Jackson was a talented but struggling makeup artist in Los Angeles. She had created a cream makeup base that was unique, but she had tried to market it for eight years with little success. In fact, though she had plenty of product in her garage, she had all but given up. Steve created a plan that resulted in the development of an entire makeup line with more than 160 products. Within five years, Victoria Jackson Cosmetics had realized sales of over $300 million, and Victoria had become a multi-millionaire.

A Professor at Arizona State University

Professor Claude Olney, J.D., created a seminar to help his struggling students at Arizona State University raise their grade point averages. He dreamed of offering a set of cassette tapes to college students at other universities. Steve created a plan that resulted in audio- and videotape seminars for grade school, high school, and college students. The result was the best-selling educational tape series in history. These tapes changed the lives of millions of students – and they made the professor a multi-millionaire within a year.